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We are being updated! The Castle of Szigliget is closed between 20th November 2013 and 31st December 2013 since the reconstruction includes construction works which does not allow to visit the castle in unhindered and safe way.

Castle of Szigliget, the Castle of Balaton welcomes you!

With renewed and more places of interest the Castle of Balaton is waiting for you and your family. A trip, a healty walk for beautiful panorama, a light summer evening concert...and even thousands of experiences. Come and roam around, discover, wander into this wonderful sights and surroundings and enrich with fascinating experience.

One of the most popular and rightly acclaimed castle of Hungary, Castle of Szigliget located on the northern shore of Lake Balaton can run back over 750 years history. Castle of Szigliget is bordered by Lake Balaton in the south and by Tapolca turf field and mountains in the north. Wherever we approach Szigliget the old castle unfolds from all direction. Castle of Szigliget is one of our few castles that never bore the Ottoman ensign on its towers in the Turkish times. Manful soldiers maintained their independence for 150 years, only the Habsburg-hate destroyed it, blowing up his walls.

Szigliget is a gem of a thousand-colored Balaton landscape.

For the community of Szigliget it is remarkably important to preserve the value of their legacy for future generations and to draw attention to that Castle of Szigliget is an important part of national history. Come and learn more about the castle and its history!


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